Intellectual Property: Introduction, Protection of Intellectual Property Copyright, Related Rights, Patents, Industrial Designs, Trademark, Unfair Competition


Information Technology Related Intellectual Property Rights

Computer Software and Intellectual Property-Objective, Copyright Protection, Reproducing, Defences, Patent Protection.

Database and Data Protection-Objective, Need for Protection, UK Data Protection Act, 1998, US Safe Harbor Principle, Enforcement.

Protection of Semi-conductor Chips-Objectives Justification of protection, Criteria, Subject-matter of Protection, WIPO Treaty, TRIPs, SCPA.

Domain Name Protection-Objectives, domain name and Intellectual Property, Registration of domain names, disputes under Intellectual Property Rights, Jurisdictional Issues, and International Perspective.


Patents (Ownership and Enforcement of Intellectual Property)

Patents-Objectives, Rights, Assignments, Defences in case of Infringement

Copyright-Objectives, Rights, Transfer of Copyright, work of employment Infringement, Defences for infringement

Trademarks-Objectives, Rights, Protection of good will, Infringement, Passing off, Defences.

Designs-Objectives, Rights, Assignments, Infringements, Defences of Design Infringement


Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights – Civil Remedies, Criminal Remedies, Border Security measures.

Practical Aspects of Licencing – Benefits, Determinative factors, important clauses, licensing clauses.


Cyber Law:

Basic Concepts of Technology and Law : Understanding the Technology of Internet, Scope of Cyber Laws, Cyber Jurisprudence

Law of Digital Contracts : The Essence of Digital Contracts, The System of Digital Signatures, The Role and Function of Certifying Authorities, The

Science of Cryptography

Intellectual Property Issues in Cyber Space: Domain Names and Related issues, Copyright in the Digital Media, Patents in the Cyber World.

Rights of Netizens and E-Governance : Privacy and Freedom Issues in the

Cyber World, E-Governance, Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws


Information Technology Act 2000 : Information Technology Act-2000-1

(Sec 1 to 13), Information Technology Act-2000-2 (Sec 14 to 42 and Certifying authority Rules), Information Technology Act-2000-3 (Sec 43 to 45 and Sec 65 to 78), Information Technology Act-2000-4(Sec 46 to Sec 64 and CRAT Rules), Information Technology Act-2000-5 (Sec 79 to 90), Information Technology Act-2000-6 ( Sec 91-94) Amendments in 2008.

Case Studies:

At least 8 case studies should be presented on various topics covering the entire syllabus.


B1: Download (Unit I)

B2: Cyber Law Simplified by Vivek Sood, Tata McGrawHill (Unit V: Chapter 7)

B3: Guide to Cyber Laws by Rodney Ryder, Wadhwa Publications, Nagpur.

(Unit II: Chapter 4, 5, Unit V: Chapter 1, 4)

B4: Licensing Art & Design by Caryn R. Leland, Allworth Press (Unit IV)

B5: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications by Dr. B. L. Wadhera (Unit I, II, III, IV)

B6: Download (Unit VI)