Unit – I

Introduction to Operating Systems: OS and Computer System, System performance, Classes of OS, Batch processing, time-sharing, multiprocessing, real time, distributed and modern operating systems, Desktop Systems, Handheld Systems, Clustered Systems, Assemblers, Compilers and Interpreters, Linkers.

Unit- II

Operating-System Structures: Operating-System Services, User Operating-System Interface, System Calls, Types of System Calls, System Programs, Operating-System Design and Implementation, Operating-System Structure, Virtual Machines, Operating-System Generation, System Boot.


Processes and Process Synchronization: Process Concept, Process Scheduling,  Scheduling Criteria, Scheduling Algorithms, Operations on Processes, Interprocess Communication, Multithreading Models, Threading Issues, Thread Scheduling, Communication in Client– Server Systems, The Critical-Section Problem, Peterson’s Solution, Semaphores.


Memory Management: Memory management without swapping or paging; Swapping, Virtual Memory,  Page replacement algorithms, Modeling paging algorithms, Design issues for paging systems, segmentation

Unit –V

File-System Interface and Implementation: File Concept, FileSystem Mounting, Free-SpaceManagement, File Sharing, NFS. MassStorage Structure: Disk Structure, Disk Management, Swap-Space Management, RAID Structure, Stable-Storage Implementation. Deadlocks , Deadlock detection and recovery, avoidance and prevention


I/O Systems: Application I/O Interface, Transforming I/O Requests to Hardware Operations, STREAMS, Performance.

Protection and Security: Principles of Protection, Domain of Protection, Access Matrix, Access Control, Capability-Based Systems, Language-Based Protection, The Security Problem, System and Network Threats, Implementing Security Defenses.

Case Studies:

  a) MS-DOS

b) Windows NT

c) Windows 2008 Server

d) Windows 7

e) Unix

f) Linux

g) OS/2


i) Symbian

j) Chrome

k) Android


  Modern Operating Systems,  Andrew Tanenbaum,

Operating Systems, 2nd Edition, K. A.Sumitra Devi and N.P Banashree, SPD

  Operating System Concepts, 8th Edition, Abraham Silberschatz, Peter B.Galvin, Greg Gagne,   Wiley publication Reference:

Operating Systems- A concept based approach , 2nd Edition, D.M. Dhamdhere, McGrawHill publications

Operating Systems,  3rd Edition , Godbole and Kahate, McGrawHill publications.

Download Ebook – Modern Operating Systems [PDF]