Unit – I

Set Theory: Fundamentals – Sets and subsets, Venn Diagrams, Operations on sets, Laws of Set Theory, Power Sets and Products, Partition of sets, The principle of Inclusion-Exclusion.

Logic: Propositions and Logical operations, Truth tables, Equivalence, Implications,

Laws of Logic, Normal forms, Predicates and quantifiers, Mathematical Induction

Unit- II

Relations, diagraphs and lattices: – Product sets and partitions, relations and digraphs, paths in relations and digraphs, properties of relations, equivalence and partially ordered relations, computer representation of relations and digraphs, manipulation of relations, Transitive closure and Warshall’s algorithm, Posets and Hasse Diagrams, Lattice.


Functions and Pigeon Hole Principle: Definitions and types of functions: injective, surjective and bijective, Composition, identity and inverse, Pigeon hole principle.


Graphs and Trees: Graphs, Euler paths and circuits, Hamiltonian paths and circuits, Planer graphs, coloring graphs, Isomorphism of Graphs.

Trees: Trees, rooted trees and path length in rooted trees, Spanning tree and Minimal Spanning tree, Isomorphism of trees, Weighted trees and Prefix Codes.

Unit -V

Algebric Structures: Algebraic structures with one binary operation – semi groups, monoids and groups, Product and quotient of algebraic structures, Isomorphism, homomorphism, automorphism, Cyclic groups, Normal sub group, codes and group codes, Algebraic structures with two binary operations – rings, integral domains and fields. Ring homomorphism and Isomorphism.


Generating Functions and Recurrence relations: Series and Sequences, Generating Functions, Recurrence relations, Applications, Solving difference equations, Fibonacci.


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Discrete structures by Liu, TATAMCGRAW-HILL

Digital Logic John M Yarbrough Brooks/cole, Thompson Learning

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Download ebook – Logic and Discrete Mathematics [PDF]