Unit – IIntroduction to data communications and networking

 Introduction, Fundamental concepts, Data communications, Protocol, standards, standard organizations, signal propagation, analog and digital signals, bandwidth of signal and a medium, Fourier analysis and the concept of bandwidth of a signal, The data transmission rate and bandwidth.

Unit – IINetwork Models

Layered Tasks, The OSI reference model , Layers in the OSI reference model , TCP/IP protocol suite , Addressing IPv4

Unit – IIIInformation Encoding ,  Errors Detection and Correction

Introduction, Representing different symbols, Minimizing errors ,

Multimedia , Multimedia and Data compression. Error classification, types of errors, redundancy, detection versus correction , hamming distance , cyclic redundancy check.

Unit – IVMedia and Transmission modes

Data and signals, Periodic analog signals, Digital signals, Transmission impairment, Data rate limits, Performance,  Digital to digital, Analog to digital conversion , Transmission modes, Digital to analog conversion ,

Analog to analog conversion, Guided media and Unguided media

Unit – VNetwork topologies ,Switching and routing algorithms

Mesh, star, tree, ring, bus, hybrid, switching basics , circuit switching, packet switching and Message switching , routing algorithms

Unit – VIIP version 6

Overview , Terminology, IPv6 addresses , Special addresses , IP v 6 header formats, IPv6 extension headers , IPv6 autoconfiguration , configuration via DHCP v6 , IPv6 transition

Case Studies
List of Cases


i) Case study on implementation of TCP/IP model in different OS

ii) Case study on errors in data transmissioniii) Case study on transmission media

iv) Case study on static IP addressing

v) Case study on dynamic IP addressing

vi) Case study on network devices: Routers, Switches, Bridges vii) Case study on IPv6


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Download ebook of Data Communication and Networking Standards (DCN) [PDF]

Ebook of Data Communication and Networking Standards (DCN) by Mumbai University.