Unit – IProgramming Logic and techniques : Algorithms, Flow-charts, Program Design, Introduction to C++: Origin of C++, A Sample C++ program, pitfall and programming tips. Testing and Debugging.

Unit – II

C++ concepts : Variables and Assignments: variables, identifiers, variable declarations, Assignment Statements, reference variable, symbolic constant, Input and Output: cin, cout, escape sequences, include directives and Namespaces, Indenting and Comments, Operator precedence, Data types and expressions, Arithmetic operators, Type compatibilities.
Unit – IIIFlow of Control : Compound statements, Loops: while, for, do while, nested loops, Decision making: if – else, nested if else, switch , break and continue, Manipulators: endl , setw,sizeof, Increment and decrement operators, Type Cast Operators, Scope resolution operators

Unit – IV

Functions: Function Prototypes, built in functions and user defined functions, Function overloading, Call by reference, Call by value, const member functions.

Inline Functions and recursive functions, Math Library Functions.

Unit – V

Derived Data types ( Arrays , pointers , functions) : Introduction to arrays, arrays in functions, 2-D arrays , Multidimensional arrays, Introduction to pointers, void pointers, pointers in function, pointer to constant and constant pointer, generic pointer.

Unit – VI

Strings, Vectors and Structures : String functions: strcmp, strcat, strlen, strcpy . Vector Basics. Introduction to Structures.
Journal Practical

List of Practical


1)  Write a C++ program for finding greatest of three number.

2)  Write a C++ program for solving the quadratic equation.

3)  Write a C++ program to print all the prime numbers in a given range.

4)  Write a C++ program for displaying the Fibonacci series.

5)  Write a C++ program for converting number to words. (switch,break,continue) 

6)   Write a C++ function for swapping two numbers without using third variable.

7) Write a recursive function for factorial of given number.

8)  Write your own function for string reverse , string palindrome , string comparison 

9)  Write a program for sorting the number in ascending and descending order 10)  Write a program for Matrix addition and multiplication.

11) Write a program for implementing the concept of structures.

12) Write a program for finding the greatest and smallest number using vector.

13) Write a program for implementing the concept of call by value and call by reference.

14) Write a program for generating the report card.

Books: Problem Solving with C++ , Walter Savitch, Sixth Edition, Pearson Education.

J.R.Hubbard, Schaum’s outlines “Programming with C++”, Second Edition, Tata McGrawHill

Y.P.Kanetkar, “Let us C++” , seventh edition, BPB publication

Reference Books: Object Oriented programming with C++ , E Balagurusamy , Third Edition , Tata McGraw Hill.

Pure C++ programming , Amir Afzal, Pearson Education.

Computer Science – A structured Approach using C++ by B. Forouzan, R. F. Gilberg, Cengage Publication.

Download ebook – Introduction to C++ Programming [PDF]