At this last moment of exam preparation, paper solutions are always proven to boost the preparation than going through the entire syllabus. E-Papers are provided here to make sure you don’t waste your time turning papers searching through the syllabus and answers.

Question banks from last 3 years and some paper with solutions included here. The papers are more than enough to score cent percent in your exam if you go through at least 50% of all the set.

Papers Solution by MU is also included which is used by paper moderators while checking your paper. This important paper set is useful to check what type of answers the moderator except by you in answer sheet rather than 2-3 pages of gibberish for single a question. It’ll help you save time for other question and I recommend you go through them at least once to get the idea.

And finally Question bank is also included to make sure you are thoroughly prepared for any question you may face in exam. 

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Download the subject-wise papers of 2014-2015-2016 with solutions:

Download Internet Technology paper

Download Project Management paper

Download Data Warehousing paper

Download GIS paper

Last Year (2016) Regular Batch Question with MU solution pattern:

Note: This solution is used by paper moderators while correcting your paper.

Question Bank with all the quesitions: